Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hola hola hola

My happiness on a scale of 1 to 10 is probably around a... 15. This week was fantastic :) So to start off the Christmas festivities were fantastic. We got invited over to some less actives, the Giles, for Christmas Eve dinner and it was just a riot. I love being around big crazy families cause it makes me feel like I'm at home. The Giles family is the greatest, we've been working with them for a long time now and they are starting to read scriptures and pray as a family again.

On Christmas day we woke up and got to open our Christmas packages (Thanks families, everything is so so great) and then we went to our branch presidents house for a brunch and to Skype our families :) First off families, Y'all are amazing and slightly crazy, but mostly amazing. Haha Hermana Larson kept trying to reassure me that her family was crazy too so it's okay that they we're all flexing their muscles and making crazy faces. And then they started Skyping and I realized her family really is normal and she just said it to be nice. Hahahah I love you all so much! And then Christmas night we went to Hermano Chavez's house (a member) and ate tacos. Different than most Christmas meals but it was the best.

During the Christmas season the work was really slow. Between all the meetings and people being really busy, we weren't having a lot of success. BUT after Christmas everything just took off. We got a ton of referrals, lessons, and 11 new investigators. We had one person who we had a lesson with and they said that had lived there for years and had tons of missionaries from different churchs come knocking and avoided them all but for some reason that day they decided to open up and they want to know more about what we believe.

As for my personal favorite part of this week, it would have to be church this Sunday :) We had one investigator at church which was great, but the best thing was that 5 less active families that we've been working with all came. I was going to write more about how amazing it was but I officially have 1 minute left on the computer before it kicks me off.


Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

Monday, December 16, 2013


First of all can I just say that I LOVE Christmas time. It's the greatest
time of year and the greatest time to share the gospel with others. We have
been singing Christmas songs to everyone and been offering a lot of service
to people. It's been the best. And this next week will just continue to be
super exciting. This week I will officially have been on my mission for 6
months (WEIRD!), we have a giant Branch Christmas party, I'm giving my
first talk in sacrament meeting in Spanish (I'm just a little bit scared...
okay a lot!), AND it's CHRISTMAS! Which means that I get to talk to my
family! Yay!!!!!

This past week we had our mission Christmas activity and it was a great
time. We did a nativity and had a bunch of special musical numbers. We
talked a lot about the reason for the season. I'm so grateful for my Savior
and his life and sacrifice for every single one of us. President Choi said
that it's time for us to "change and prepare to give Him EVERYTHING." And I
really started thinking about it because He did so much for us and there is
no way we can ever repay Him for it, but we need to work with all our
hearts, mights, minds and strength to do all that we can to help others
know of his love for them.

Sorry I'm all out of time but I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
and I will talk to you all in a few weeks. 

Les Quiero!!!! 


Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

Hermana Larson and me with our Christmas tree.

Our tree

All the Hermanas in our mission.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another transfer in the Seahurst Branch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was FANTASTIC! We got transfer calls last night and..... Hermana
Larson and I will both being staying here for another transfer! YAY! We
were just a little, super duper excited when we found out. We're ready to
go out and work even harder this transfer and to learn and grow so much.
The night before transfers we do this fun thing where we take out our Book
of Mormon and then we just flip it open to a random page and point to a
random verse and try to "interpret" the scripture to see if we are going to
being leaving or staying. Mine talked a lot about "mighty changes" so I was
a little nervous after reading it, but luckily our crazy antics don't
actually effect if we stay or if we go. What a relief!

This week we had exchanges and I spent a day serving in North Bend again.
It was weird to go back and see the people there again and to get to serve
with Hermana Phillips. I loved that I was able to see so many ways that the
area has progressed this transfer and how certain people are now
progressing. I got to talk to Marco for a bit and he was so excited to tell
me that this Sunday he was going to be blessing the Sacrament and also
going to share his testimony during testimony meeting.

Thanksgiving was such a fun day to be a missionary! We ate dinner with our
Branch President and his family and it was great and we also had a big
activity as missionaries! We played volleyball, basketball, and foot
volleyball and it was a blast. President Choi was showing everyone up at
the sports and I'm convinced that he is basically professional at

This Sunday we had 5 people who were committed to coming to church. We
thought that without a doubt they would all be there because they had rides
with members or were following us there, and we were so excited. And then,
one by one Sunday morning, we received calls from each telling us different
reasons why they couldn't come. At first I got a little down and was trying
to figure out what we needed to do differently. Then, Hermana Larson and I
started talking about how it was fine. We just had to keep working and
thanking heavenly father for all the blessings and miracles we are seeing.
About 10 seconds later we got a call from a less active whose family we
have been visiting with weekly. He called and needed help finding the
church! He came to church this Sunday for the first time in 15 years. And
then 10 minutes into Sacrament meeting 4 of our investigators, who we
hadn't thought were going to be able to come this week, all walked in. I
was so so grateful that although sometimes God's ways and timing are
different than what we expect, He is always blessing us and we just need to
be patient.

Other than that we just taught lots and enjoyed our time. We were able to
have members come to a lot of lessons with us and meet a lot of interesting
people. Also, it snowed for about 5 minutes yesterday. It was pretty
exciting! Hermana Larson is from Arizona so she was just a little bit
excited. Well, I love you all so much!!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

Our District this transfer

My Planners

Aurora - My Bow Twin