Monday, December 16, 2013


First of all can I just say that I LOVE Christmas time. It's the greatest
time of year and the greatest time to share the gospel with others. We have
been singing Christmas songs to everyone and been offering a lot of service
to people. It's been the best. And this next week will just continue to be
super exciting. This week I will officially have been on my mission for 6
months (WEIRD!), we have a giant Branch Christmas party, I'm giving my
first talk in sacrament meeting in Spanish (I'm just a little bit scared...
okay a lot!), AND it's CHRISTMAS! Which means that I get to talk to my
family! Yay!!!!!

This past week we had our mission Christmas activity and it was a great
time. We did a nativity and had a bunch of special musical numbers. We
talked a lot about the reason for the season. I'm so grateful for my Savior
and his life and sacrifice for every single one of us. President Choi said
that it's time for us to "change and prepare to give Him EVERYTHING." And I
really started thinking about it because He did so much for us and there is
no way we can ever repay Him for it, but we need to work with all our
hearts, mights, minds and strength to do all that we can to help others
know of his love for them.

Sorry I'm all out of time but I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas
and I will talk to you all in a few weeks. 

Les Quiero!!!! 


Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

Hermana Larson and me with our Christmas tree.

Our tree

All the Hermanas in our mission.

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