Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 13!

I'm definitely not in North Bend anymore, it's so different here! I was so sad to leave all those people that I love so much, but I definitely am supposed to be in this area and I'm so excited to see how things go this transfer. The area here is different because there is Hispanics EVERYWHERE! In North Bend, the missionary work was a lot of helping the few people there that speak Spanish to start to become prepared. Here, we just search for the prepared; we talk with everyone we see and just try to love the people. My wonderful companion, Hermana Larson, is an amazing missionary. She is from Gilbert, Arizona and has been out almost 9 months. She is a very hardworking missionary and is one of the best I've ever seen.
The Branch that I'm serving in is wonderful.  The members are so so nice and I feel so welcome and can't wait to get to know them all better. Our Branch has 150 members, but about 75 of them are coming to church. So we get to work a lot with the less active members and they to help them to get back to church. This is probably one of the things I'm most excited for in this area. They know the joy and hope that comes from the Gospel, but for one reason or another, they've chosen not to come to church and do they things they know. I'm so excited to try and help them to remember and rekindle their testimonies and help them so return to church.
My first night here on Tuesday we were going to some set appointments but none of them were there so we decided to go visit a referral that they had tried to contact a few times. We went over to see Olga and she let us right in. She is the sweetest lady from Guatemala. She has had some hard times in her life but she is so strong. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and how is could help her and then we invited her to church. She came to church and the Branch just loved her and made her feel so welcome. She said how she loved it so much there and she wants to learn more. We're going to continue going back and I just feel like Heavenly Father knows not only how much this Gospel can help her life, but also how great of member she will be and how much she can help our Branch.
Hermana Larson and I both know that God has great expectations for this Branch. We are working so hard and trying to listen to Spirit. We were blessed to be able to teach so many people this week and we are going to just try to become better every week. Our Branch Mission Leader, Hermano Medrano, is great and so involved in the work. He has been a member for around 2 years and I know that as we use him and other members of the Branch, miracles are going to happen.

Some of the best news that I got this week is that Marco received the Priesthood yesterday. He's been going to lessons with the missionaries and has a calling. It made me so happy to know that things are going great for him and I know he's going to be such a strong member and is going to help so many people grow closer to their Heavenly Father.
I know I say this all the time but being a missionary is the best blessing ever. I have seen myself being strengthened in my testimony and seen so many others doing the same. There's no other experience in my life that has helped me the way that my mission has so far. My gratitude grows daily for the things that my Savior, Jesus Christ, has done for us. The chance that we have to change our lives everyday is the most amazing gift.

Les Quiero!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

Monday, October 21, 2013

Goodbye North Bend, Hello.....

So, the big day of Marco's baptism was this week! Yay! Well, a few days before his baptism he started getting really worried. Satan was working really hard on him and he started getting scared and nervous. We talked to him and told him to read his scriptures and pray and that he would know what to do. He did just that and the next morning he told us that he has never been more sure and was so ready to get baptized. It's amazing the power that we have in prayers and the scriptures. His baptism was amazing and the spirit was so strong. President and Sister Choi were able to make it to the baptism, as well as the Stake President and some other investigators. As for Marco, I have no doubt that he is going to be such a strong member of the church and such an example for the people in that area.
And yes I say "that area" and not "this area" because I've been transferred to another area. It's a little bittersweet. I love the people in the Mt. Si area so much! I love the members, the leaders, the investigators, all of them and have learned so much while serving there. Pero, I'm very excited to be serving in the Seahurst Spanish area now! We cover the whole area around and in Seattle and have a branch. The missionary work is doing great here and I can't wait to be a part of it. I am companions with Hermana Larsen and she's just the cutest, sweetest missionary. I can't wait to see what miracles lay in store for us this transfer.
Les Quiero!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier
Us with Marco at his baptism.

Us at the Falls my last Pday in North Bend.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 11!

This week was just fantastic!!!!!!!!! To start off let's talk about Marco! His baptism is this Saturday and he so so excited. He has invited his friends and family and it's going to be a really amazing experience. Also, HE FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! Yay! He has started reading it again and has a very strong testimony of it. He also brought his daughter to a lesson with him and we got to give her a tour of the church and talk to her a little about her dad's choice to be baptized.
One of the most amazing miracles happened this week! We were having a lesson with one of our investigators Tina and she was telling us how she feels good at church and when we're over but when she says her personal prayers she doesn't feel anything. She was stressed because her son hadn't talked to them or came home in a month and she didn't know what to do. It was cool because in our zone meeting this week we had focused all on prayer and how to help investigators say prayers and receive answers so we were able to use some of the things we'd learned. But the amazing thing was we all got down to say a kneeling prayer and she was nervous so we decided to each say one and she could go last. Hermana Phillips and I went second and we both prayed for her, that she could learn to recognize the spirit, that her family could grow closer and that things would work out with them, and things like that. Well, literally the second I said "Amen" The front door opened up and in walked her son! He walked back to his room and she just started bawling. It's amazing to see that God remembers all of his children and truly does answer prayers.
One scary moment this week was that Hermana Phillips had to go to Leadership Training this week and so another missionary came to our area to go out with me. The thing was, she speaks English and Russian!!! Sooo... I was so scared about not being able to communicate perfectly with the people by myself in Spanish. Luckily, through LOTS and LOTS of praying, I was able to communicate and teach all of our lessons by myself. Sometimes it's scary trying to speak another language but I've seen the miracles as I've been learning Spanish and am growing everyday!
Now for the moment this week that I hope won't happen EVER again!!!
As you may have realized, I have this problem called "I fall down a lot". Last night we were walking out of our last appointment for the night and it was pitch black. We got a text from a member, and I was about to answer when I thought to myself, "It's really dark I should really wait and answer when we get to the car." Probably 5 steps later I ran into the sidewalk and went flying forward yelling and face planted it. Well, my hands caught me and got a wee bit torn up and bloody but all is well. I also may have broken my toe seeing as it's all swollen and bruised, who knows? But I learned my lesson and will be putting a flashlight in my bag pronto!
Also we lost an investigator this week because in his words I "robbed all of him when he saw me." He texts us all the time and says how much he loves me. Yikes. I maybe said 4 words to him total. Ay Ay Ay muchachos these days!!!! Hahaha
This is a quote from General Conference that I thought was really beautiful and something that really stuck out to me!- "We are simply asking all members to pray, knowing that if every member, young and old, will reach out to just “one” between now and Christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior." So I want to challenge all of you to take Elder Ballard's advice and pray and seek for an opportunity to help someone around you feel the love of Christ.
Les Quiero!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

 I got my great halloween package from my Mommy! We loved the vampire teeth!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Caution: Porch is Slippery When Wet‏

The week was a great week of teaching and getting to talk to a lot of the people in the area. We had a lot of really great lessons and were able to meet with a few people we've been trying to for a really long time so that was very promising. Of course though, the best thing about this week was good old General Conference. It was amazing! We got to watch all 4 sessions at the church and all three sets of missionaries in our district had investigators come so that was a blessing! Marco came to a few of the sessions when he didn't have work and also went to the priesthood session with some of the people in our ward. And after, do you want to know what he did?! He went to a restaurant with some of his friends and they started talking about religion and he gave them a Book of Mormon. WOOOO! We have ourselves a little missionary and he's not even baptized yet. Also, for more happy news, he had his baptismal interview and he passed. So in less than two weeks he will be a member of the church! He's so excited and we are as well!

Not much more happened this week, but as for my embarrassing moment (One of many)- We went to visit a potential investigator the other day and it was raining like crazy. She wasn't home to I turned around to go down the steps and slipped. At this point, I literally went flailing down the stairs. My arms were going crazy, my skirt flew up, and I got mud all over. Rough life. Hahaha thankfully, other than a few little bruises, all is well. Moral of the story: rain makes things slippery and I need to be more careful. Who would have thought?!
Recuerden siempre, somos hijos de dios y el nos ama! Les quiero!
Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

The 4 of us Spanish Hermanas serving in the Bellevue South Zone! I love them all!
And Hermana Phillips and I just a little bit excited that we were about to get to watch conference

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"They are not muchachas! They are Hermanas!"

This week was fantastic of course!!!!
The first thing that made this week fantastic is our ward. They're amazing. This week we had a meeting and each different group leader was coming up with different ways to further the missionary work in the ward and how they each specifically would apply this in their lives. And then yesterday at church Marco's baptism was announced in sacrament meeting and he was just beaming! So many ward members were congratulation him and he is excite to officially be a part of this ward.  And he got 3 dinner invites for this week from different families! Say what?! Our ward is so amazing and wanting to help other feel like a part of our ward family.
As for Marco is doing great! He is having his baptismal interview this week and can't wait for October 19th. He is already to Alma 36 in the Book of Mormon. He said he just stays up until 2 or 3 every night reading. It's really amazing to see someone gain their own testimony of these things and really change their life.
Chera, our amazing investigator, is doing amazing and continuing to come to church and really wants to be baptized. She is working on quitting smoking. She leaves for Spokane this week for work training and it could be for a few weeks or even a few months! We're really praying for her and hoping that she can continue on this path!

We are teaching this cute family (I sent a picture home with their little girl Aurora a few weeks ago) and they are so great and really perceptive to the things we are teaching. Her work schedule just got changed so she doesn't have to work on Sundays anymore so she can start coming to church! We are really excited and hope that they can continue to desire to learn more. They told us the funniest story the other day when we were over there. So, the mother, Maria, is related to the 65 year old drunk that proposed to me and to the people that he lives with. So her and Aurora went to visit them and they started talking about us. And one of the men called us "Las muchachas bonitas" or in other words the beautiful girls. I guess Aurora, the cute little three year old, turns to him and says "They are not muchachas! They are Hermanas and they can't date!!!!!" Hahaha she told him.
We also got to go watch the General Relief Society Broadcast. It was AMAZING! Any of you who didn't get the chance to watch it, go on and get on that, it was great. Oh how could I have forgot to mention that General Conference is this weekend!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all get the chance to watch it and enjoy the words of the prophet and the apostles!

Other than that, things here are just rainy and great. The other day we were driving down the road and I was joking and said, "The wind is blowing so hard! One of those trees is going to snap in half." I spoke to soon. Not even two minutes later Hermana Phillips yelled because a tree by us had a entire branch just torn off by the wind. I didn't see it because I was distracted by the tree in front of us that was snapping in half! So long story short, we almost got hit by probably 3 or 4 trees. Scariest 30 seconds of my life.
Anyyyyyways, the church is true and I love it here. God is truly working miracles. Here's a cute little quote from Richard G. Scott to get y'all thinking. I know it definitely made me thing about what I am trying to become while I'm here.
"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day."
Hasta la proxima semana! Siempre recuerden que Dios nos ama!
Les quiero!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

This first picture is us in our rain gear. WE LOVE THE RAIN! I think a lot of the members were not happy to hear that we pray for the rain to come more often. Whoops.

This picture just describes the struggle of my life. All I wanted was a cute little picture with Sophie so you all could see how cute our dog is, and she moved last second. So here she is all demon looking and what not.