Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"They are not muchachas! They are Hermanas!"

This week was fantastic of course!!!!
The first thing that made this week fantastic is our ward. They're amazing. This week we had a meeting and each different group leader was coming up with different ways to further the missionary work in the ward and how they each specifically would apply this in their lives. And then yesterday at church Marco's baptism was announced in sacrament meeting and he was just beaming! So many ward members were congratulation him and he is excite to officially be a part of this ward.  And he got 3 dinner invites for this week from different families! Say what?! Our ward is so amazing and wanting to help other feel like a part of our ward family.
As for Marco is doing great! He is having his baptismal interview this week and can't wait for October 19th. He is already to Alma 36 in the Book of Mormon. He said he just stays up until 2 or 3 every night reading. It's really amazing to see someone gain their own testimony of these things and really change their life.
Chera, our amazing investigator, is doing amazing and continuing to come to church and really wants to be baptized. She is working on quitting smoking. She leaves for Spokane this week for work training and it could be for a few weeks or even a few months! We're really praying for her and hoping that she can continue on this path!

We are teaching this cute family (I sent a picture home with their little girl Aurora a few weeks ago) and they are so great and really perceptive to the things we are teaching. Her work schedule just got changed so she doesn't have to work on Sundays anymore so she can start coming to church! We are really excited and hope that they can continue to desire to learn more. They told us the funniest story the other day when we were over there. So, the mother, Maria, is related to the 65 year old drunk that proposed to me and to the people that he lives with. So her and Aurora went to visit them and they started talking about us. And one of the men called us "Las muchachas bonitas" or in other words the beautiful girls. I guess Aurora, the cute little three year old, turns to him and says "They are not muchachas! They are Hermanas and they can't date!!!!!" Hahaha she told him.
We also got to go watch the General Relief Society Broadcast. It was AMAZING! Any of you who didn't get the chance to watch it, go on and get on that, it was great. Oh how could I have forgot to mention that General Conference is this weekend!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all get the chance to watch it and enjoy the words of the prophet and the apostles!

Other than that, things here are just rainy and great. The other day we were driving down the road and I was joking and said, "The wind is blowing so hard! One of those trees is going to snap in half." I spoke to soon. Not even two minutes later Hermana Phillips yelled because a tree by us had a entire branch just torn off by the wind. I didn't see it because I was distracted by the tree in front of us that was snapping in half! So long story short, we almost got hit by probably 3 or 4 trees. Scariest 30 seconds of my life.
Anyyyyyways, the church is true and I love it here. God is truly working miracles. Here's a cute little quote from Richard G. Scott to get y'all thinking. I know it definitely made me thing about what I am trying to become while I'm here.
"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day."
Hasta la proxima semana! Siempre recuerden que Dios nos ama!
Les quiero!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

This first picture is us in our rain gear. WE LOVE THE RAIN! I think a lot of the members were not happy to hear that we pray for the rain to come more often. Whoops.

This picture just describes the struggle of my life. All I wanted was a cute little picture with Sophie so you all could see how cute our dog is, and she moved last second. So here she is all demon looking and what not.

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