Monday, October 7, 2013

Caution: Porch is Slippery When Wet‏

The week was a great week of teaching and getting to talk to a lot of the people in the area. We had a lot of really great lessons and were able to meet with a few people we've been trying to for a really long time so that was very promising. Of course though, the best thing about this week was good old General Conference. It was amazing! We got to watch all 4 sessions at the church and all three sets of missionaries in our district had investigators come so that was a blessing! Marco came to a few of the sessions when he didn't have work and also went to the priesthood session with some of the people in our ward. And after, do you want to know what he did?! He went to a restaurant with some of his friends and they started talking about religion and he gave them a Book of Mormon. WOOOO! We have ourselves a little missionary and he's not even baptized yet. Also, for more happy news, he had his baptismal interview and he passed. So in less than two weeks he will be a member of the church! He's so excited and we are as well!

Not much more happened this week, but as for my embarrassing moment (One of many)- We went to visit a potential investigator the other day and it was raining like crazy. She wasn't home to I turned around to go down the steps and slipped. At this point, I literally went flailing down the stairs. My arms were going crazy, my skirt flew up, and I got mud all over. Rough life. Hahaha thankfully, other than a few little bruises, all is well. Moral of the story: rain makes things slippery and I need to be more careful. Who would have thought?!
Recuerden siempre, somos hijos de dios y el nos ama! Les quiero!
Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

The 4 of us Spanish Hermanas serving in the Bellevue South Zone! I love them all!
And Hermana Phillips and I just a little bit excited that we were about to get to watch conference

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