Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 6 for realz

Transfers have came and gone and I...... Am staying in the Mt Si Spanish Area!!!! WOOT! So Hermana Phillips and I will be here and she will finish my training. And Hermana Enos got her visa and is off to Argentina as of yesterday! I'm sure going to miss her but we're also excited that see is getting to head off to her mission.

For the exciting news of this week... Marco has decided that he wants to be baptized on November 2nd! It's a really special day for him because it's his dads birthday and his dad has passed away. But in our last lesson he said that he had been praying about it a lot and he feels like he needs to be baptized that date, if not sooner. He says the most sincere prayers ever and is an amazing example to me.
This week we've just been teaching lots and loving life. Funny moment this week:
I prayed for our ward mission leaders house to be blessed with love, safety, and fish. Some spanish words are a little too similar for my liking. Also, I was joking around with Hermana Enos but instead of telling her I was going to fight her, I told her I was going to shower her. Haha Spanish can be a struggle sometimes.

Well not much more has happened this week, but I'll be writing y'all about that plethora of miracles we have this next week. But before signing off I'd like to send a good old Happy Birthday wish to my daddy tomorrow! 


                       This picture is us with Aurora. Funniest, crazy little girl ever.

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