Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Semana numero.. seis?

This week was another AMAZING week! (Of course!) How can it not be when I'm in the best place ever and I'm a missionary? It's amazing, we see miracles every day and just continue to grow so much!

One exciting thing that happened this week was teaching for a day in my area with out my trainers. SCARY! So, my companion, Hermana Phillips, is the Spanish Sister Training Leader. So every week she goes on companionship exchanges with different Spanish speaking sisters. Well she was going to be going to another area and another Hermana was going to be coming the spend a day in our area with Hermana Enos and I. Well, another Hermana has been super sick. President Choi called and asked for one of us to go spend a day with her so her companions could go out. Long story short, Hermana Pingree (an Hermana who has only been out 6 weeks longer than I) and I were all alone in my area for a day. We were terrified! What if someone said something in Spanish that we didn't understand? Or if we taught something wrong? Of course everything was fine. It was really fun getting to do missionary work with someone new and see new ways of doing things. We had a blast!!!
On Friday night there was a baptism in our zone and Marco attended it with us. It was great and the spirit was so strong and then after we got to go walk around the temple grounds with him and it was a fantastic experience! The next night a family in the ward invited him and us over to watch the Joseph Smith movie and it was a great time. Marco is such an awesome person! Seriously he is the cream of the crop. He's been to church 5 times, loves reading the Book of Mormon and is so sincere in his desires to know more. 
At church this week we finally got the translating equipment so that our investigators can wear headphones and listen in Spanish! What a blessing! We had three investigators at church and they loved it and thought it was so amazing. We're hoping this will help ever more investigators come to church because it was kind of hard getting people to come when they couldn't understand anything. It was so cool to see how excited the ward got and how great of member missionaries they all are.
And the most exciting part of the week... We joined the Mission Choir! Haha so our mission president has had this dream since he got here to start a mission choir. So we had our first practice yesterday on P-day and it was the best. It's amazing how singing can bring the spirit. Well remember how I told you about my "Knock, knock, knock" song. They brought it up in front of the whole choir and made me stand up and teach everyone the words. Then they made us all sing it. Then they had us all come up with things that were hard for us on our missions and we made up songs to learn to love them. I LOVE Sister and President Choi so much!
Something I've really been thinking about this week is the importance of not just believing IN Christ, but believing ON Christ. For me, the difference is the way that we live our lives. I think that truly believing on Christ a person will live their live centered on his teaching and try to become more like him. So it's my goal this week to better believe on Christ and not just in him.
Thank you all so much for your prayers and love. Les quiero muchisimo!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

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