Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm glad they called me on a mission, now that I have grown a foot or two!

It's been another fabulous week in the Washington Seattle Mission!
Something that we have been talking about as a zone this week is inspired paths. We're trying to really be in the places that the Lord needs us, when the Lord needs us. The first cool experience that happened because of this was a couple days ago when there was a huge wind storm! We were trying to contact the people who were in our plans for the day and when those fell through we started knocking some doors. But we both started feeling like that wasn't where we were supposed to be, so we decided to reconsider. Then, Hermana Larson says, "I think we should go visit the Giles family." (They're an inactive family in our branch). So we head to their apartment complex and as we get there we see that in the middle of their parking lot, a GIANT tree has fallen over in the storm. There were people with chain saws cutting it up and then we saw our zone leaders helping them out with moving all limbs and what not. So, we got to help join in with the work. It was pretty cool to see that both sets of us missionaries felt the need to go to that specific area and because of it we were able to help serve someone.

We also learned a lot about listening closely to the spirit and following it's guidance this week. We had a set appointment with a family and we went to the appointment to find that they weren't home. But their son said they should be home in 15 minutes so we went to visit a potential investigator who lives nearby we went to her house and she wasn't home. We decided to start heading back because it's not the safest to knock random doors at night, but as we were walking, this one apartment just stood out to me and I guess I was just staring at it because Hermana Larson said, "Do you want to knock that door? If you feel like we should, let's do it." So we knocked it. And instead of the typical, "Sorry, I'm Catholic" answer that we usually get, we got a warm greeting and invited in right away and met a family who is really interested in learning more and was so willing to listen to our message. It would have been really easy
Also, we had our branch Halloween Party!!! Our investigator, Marlene, came with her 3 kids and it was a great time. They had a giant dinner and then trunk or treating. It's great to get people to know the members of the branch and for them to feel welcome and like they are a part of the branch family. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up and having the best time together. It'll attach a picture of the cutest little boy in the branch, Diego, in his Indian outfit. His has the cutest long hair and makes the PERFECT Indian.
Also, one of the members of the Branch, Yared, came out with us one day this week and went to all of our lessons with us and it was amazing. Her and her family were baptized a little over a year ago and she it wanting to serve a mission when she turns 19 in May. It's really powerful for me to see how strong her testimony is and how much it helped strengthen our investigators. It was amazing to see how much the gospel has blessed her and her families lives, but also it was amazing how much they bring to the branch and how vital each member is and how much they help strengthen one another.   

I just love this area so much. I am learning so much and growing so much everyday. I know that the Lord is directing us in every step. And I know that he is there for you all as well. Something that I've learned a lot lately is the power of prayer. Heavenly Father is ALWAYS listening to us. Prayer is a lot like a phone call, I can call someone and tell them the things I am thankful for and the things I need help with and say anything, but if I don't wait for them to answer me, that phone call won't help me at all. So, something I've been working on a lot is listening and waiting to receive those answers after I pray. The answers aren't always instantaneous, but as I've been trying to listen, I KNOW that they always come.
Les quiero!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier
Cutest little boy in branch, Diego, in his Halloween costume.

Mt. Rainier

Seattle Zone Flag

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