Sunday, January 26, 2014


There are miracles happening all over Seahurst!!!!! Firstly, our Branch started praying for all the missionaries in our branch by name and it's amazing the difference it has made in the missionary work. This week we went to a return lesson with a person we knocked into about a week ago and guess what?! He had already read 100 pages of the Book of Mormon! I was so excited, that never happens! He had so many amazing questions and really wants to know. And then right as we were leaving our appointment, a random guy turned around and started talking to us. He said, "You're the Mormons, huh?" And then he told us that he had read part of the Book of Mormon and that he wanted to talk to us more. So we exchanged information and guess what?! He called us Sunday morning and told us he wanted to come to church with us. During the classes he participated a bunch and really loved it and said he's going to keep coming :)

Another amazing thing that happened was that we received a referral from some members of a ward here and they're amazing! They're a couple Antonio and Paloma. They told us how they have heard a lot of amazing things about our church and what we believe and that they will do what it takes to find out if it's true for themselves. When members get involved in missionary work it's amazing the miracles that we see.

Other than that, we just taught a lot and worked hard. I'm really excited for this transfer because Hermana Phillips and I have decided to only speak in Spanish to each other. It's going to be so great! Sorry it's short again email time's short since we're doing it in a church Family History Center. Other than that, GO SEAHAWKS! Haha apparently they're going to the Super Bowl or something? Not really positive cause we live in a missionary bubble.

Que Dios les bendiga!!!!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Pier

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