Thursday, January 16, 2014

Transfers ...

Well, transfers turned out differently than I could have ever imagined. To start off with the worst news, Mt Si Spanish was closed this transfer. There will not be Hermanas down there anymore. Luckily the two sets of English elders down there have both been assigned new companions who are Spanish speaking so that's great. Hermana Larson has been transferred and I am staying here in Seattle with.. Hermana Phillips! My trainer is my companion again!!! YAY!
As for this last week, it was just GREAT!! To start off the week we left our phone at an investigators house. Whoops. It was the last lesson of the night and we were home before we realized it was gone. The problem is that our district leaders call us every night to see if we need help and to make sure everything's going okay with the work. So, when our DL called us our investigator, Alberto, saw that the phone was ringing and he didn't answer because he doesn't speak English. Yikes. So our district leader though we'd died or something. He called about 15 times that night haha. Meanwhile we had no idea any of this was going on and we woke up the next morning to pounding at the door because some Sisters had been sent to check if we were alive. Luckily, we got our phone back so all is well. Lesson learned: Don't trust Hermana Pier with the cell phone.
This week we felt a desire to go back and knock a door of a family we had said a prayer with and sang a song for one time. When we went to go the 18 year old daughter opened the door and right away said, "It's you. My parents told me about you. Could you please say a prayer for me, I'm going through a really hard time." So we got to know her a little and had the opportunity to prayer with her. When we went to go check on her a few days later the father answered the door and said, "Please come in! I need to talk to you!" When we went in he told us that he needs the address for our church cause he really wanted to come one day. I really hope that we are able to teach this family and I've learned a lot about how Heavenly Father uses us to touch people and help them in their hard times. And even something as simple as a song and prayer can really touch people.

This week we had the most amazing lesson with the Giles Family. They're a family of less actives and I just love them so so much. We talked to them about the Plan of Salvation and how we have a chance to live with God and with our families forever. When we started talking about after this life one of them said, "Hey can you send us a picture from the Celestial Kingdom, there's no way we can get there." We were so sad that they felt that way. As we started talking about families they all got very very interested and the spirit was so strong as we testified that it was possible for them to be a family forever. They talked about how they want to change and they want to become better. And this Sunday they came to church. I was so happy when I found out, now we just have to keep them coming!
I say I was happy when I found out that they were at church because we were not this week :( Hermana Larson got really sick and we didn't go out this weekend. She tried to work through it but we figured it was time to go home when she got lost dinner on our investigators porch... So that was how the rest of the week went. Sitting in and studying.
I'm really excited that I get to serve with Hermana Phillips again and know this transfer is going to be AMAZING!!!!!
I love you all so so much!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

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