Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well firstly, if you want to know how to shut down all of Seattle all
you've got to do it have it snow a few inches. On Saturday night it started
snowing and snowing so we got a voicemail from the Assistants to the
President saying that all missionaries needed to go park their cars and
spending the rest of the night and next day walking around until further
notice. So, we called and cancelled our set appointments and we headed
home. We started pulling into our apartment complex and we could not get
our car up the hill to get into the complex, it was too slick. I got out of
the car and was pushing it while Hermana Phillips drove and I was slipping
all over the place. A random man saw us struggling and he asked if we
wanted help, so of course I said YES! So we were both pushing when he falls
flat on his face, we felt so bad!!!!! Eventually we got up the hill and all
was well.

The great thing that came from this all was with our investigator Gabriela,
who was a referral from the Seahurst Elders. She lives in the same
apartments as us and we've been trying to get in contact with her for a few
weeks. As we were walking around to go find people we saw her outside
playing in the snow with her little siblings. We helped them with their
snowman and got to know her a little better and she said that we could come
visit her the next day. The lesson ended up going really well and she
prayed at the end of the lesson that Heavenly Father would help her to know
if these things are true and help her to read the Book of Mormon.

The bad thing was.. church was cancelled :( We were so sad! We had been
focusing this week a lot on getting investigators to church and we had more
people than ever committed to coming but then it got cancelled. Luckily we
know that if we keep working hard we can get them there next week :)

One other little miracle we saw this week was with our investigator Sonya.
She's so great and prepared but her husband isn't as interested and won't
let her go to church. On Friday we called Yared to ask her if she wanted to
go to her lesson with us and she came. When we got there Sonya wasn't home
but Filipe was. He invited us in and luckily since Yared was there we could
go in. MIRACLE! He said he didn't know much about God like his wife did but
he was willing to listen. It was amazing to see his change of heart
throughout the lesson. Near the end of the lesson Sonya walked in right as
we were committing Filipe to come to church and she looked SO excited.
We're excited to keep working with them and keep softening their hearts :)

This week I read an talk from the February Ensign titled, "Living a Life of
Peace, Joy, and Purpose" by Elder Richard G. Scott. First off, it's
amazing, GO READ IT!


there's on part I really love. It says, "Use the Savior Jesus Christ as your example for life. Use His
teachings as your handbook for life. Never make exceptions to them." I love this so much! I
have learned so much that as we do that and as we choose to follow the
Savior and never back down for ANYONE, we will always success and Satan
can't stop us. I'm so grateful that I have this wonderful gospel to help
guide my life.

I love you all so much!!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

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