Monday, February 17, 2014

Seahurst otra vez :)

Today is transfer day and I am going to be staying in Seahurst another transfer. 4 in a row? Heavenly Father must really love me! Hermana Phillips and I are still companions and are SO EXCITED to be together still. 

So Cristal is being baptized on 8th and we have been meeting with her a lot this last week. She is so amazing! Since Monday she has read over 350 pages in the Book of Mormon, came to church and activities, and is praying a lot. She has made up her mind and knows this is the truth and is working really hard to stay strong. We're so proud of her! 

My favorite family ever, the Giles, are doing so great! After years and years of inactivity in the church they have came to church every Sunday these last 2 months, except when it got cancelled of course. For our lesson with them this week I was actually gone to May Valley on exchanges, but what they did was so great I just have to share it anyways! We were planning for their lesson that morning and for some reason we couldn't think of ANYTHING. It was a struggle. And for some reason I kept thinking of my Adult Roles class in high school when we wrote letters to ourselves and the teacher took them to send to us 5 years later. I started talking to Hermana Phillips about it and we decided to do something similar with them. We had them write a personal goal, a family goal, a church goal, and they testimonies and then they also wrote a little letter to themselves. They sealed them all up and we're going to send them to them in year to make sure they always remember their love for the Gospel. They set amazing goals like not missing a week of church the entire year, or finishing the Book of Mormon as a family and things like that. I was so excited to see how much they have grown in the relationships with Christ just in the short 4 months that I have known them :)

Anyways, there's no pictures this week cause... I can't find my camera anywhere. But I just want everyone to know that missionary work is the best thing ever. I'm so excited to be serving at the same time as my amazing Grandparents and Brother. This is the Lord's work and I know that as we work hard, turn our eye single to the glory of God, and LOVE those we serve, miracles will happen everyday!

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

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