Monday, September 1, 2014

Sean una luz

Not too much to report on this week so I will try to keep this one short.

We'll start out with Carlos though! He's the son of some formers in Mt Si that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. He's so great. He's been coming to church and LOVES it. We went down this week and taught him and his mom about the restoration. Carlos was just amazed. He said, "Some people don't really believe things like that. Like my parents, it's hard for them to believe. But me, I believe. I know that that happened. I know that this is the church I want to be a part of!" We invited him to be baptized and to ask God if these things are true and if The Book of Mormon is his word.... and he is preparing for the 20th of September! He really is just an amazing. He hungers and thirsts after the truth and know how knows how to find it. Please keep him and the entire Larrios Family is your prayers.

Other than that I just wanted to invite you all to join in in something that we do in our mission. Everyday at 5 o'clock pm every missionary in the mission and members as well kneel down and each say a prayer for the missionary work in our mission but also throughout the entire world. So, I wanted to invite you all to set an alarm on your phone that will go off at 5 everyday and to pray for the missionaries and missions throughout the mission. I know that we definitely feel and are helped through your prayers.

One cool thought from church. One of the members of the stake presidency talked in sacrament meeting on Sunday and he gave a analogy I really liked. He said that sometimes children have this "I can do it alone" mentality and refuse their parents help. This often ends in things such as mismatched and inside out clothing, messes, shoes on the wrong feet, etc. He said how here in the world we have that same way of thinking with our Heavenly Father. He wants to help us out but we are so stubborn and set in our ways that don't let him in. He challenged us to not do it alone, to let the Lord pull us through those trials, to not do it alone. It will make us happier and result in less mishaps along the way. The Lord truly loves us so much and will bless us as we rely on him and learn to trust in his timing and ways.

Les quiero mucho!

Con Amor,
La Hermana Pier


everyone here is pet opsessive. They barely open the door and peep one eye out because they're afraid their animals will bolt out. So funny!

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