Monday, October 20, 2014

A Great Week!

This was a really good week here. I realized even more how much I LOVE my mission. It's the best!!!!! So to start off I'll talk about Cecilia and the family that we found. We had 3 lessons with them this week and they're so great. Cecilia is still a little doubtful because she's had a lot of experiences in a lot of different churches. BUT we got Ciriana Neri, our recent convert, to a lesson with us and they really got along well. The three kids were even able to come to the ward Halloween party on Friday. Unfortunately having Stake Conference on Sunday and having everything be strange made them unable to come to church on Sunday. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that they can make it to church this Sunday and feel the love of the ward there.

As of yesterday Marco has been a member for a year!!!! Yay!!!!! And he set a date to go to the temple on November 1st. I get to go and am so excited to be there with him. Also, Hermana Enos and Hermana Phillips, My first companions in the field are going to be coming out and going with us. To say I'm ECSTATIC would be an understatement. Marco has more spiritual power and light than just about anyone I know and I'm so grateful for everything he has taught me. 

The last miracle is that last night we had a Member and Missionary fireside up in Shoreline and I go to see a bunch of people from my last area, including Berenice. <3 It was the greatest thing of my life. The miracle is that a month ago Bere's friend from Mexico moved to Seattle and was baptized a week ago and is a member for the branch now. It made me so happy! Jessica is the greatest and was so prepared for the gospel. Also, Bere's parents are here because of the baby and have been meeting with missionaries, going to church every week, and reading the Book of Mormon, etc. She's so happy for them. Speaking of her baby, baby Michael is doing well. He almost weighs 3 pounds now and is expected to be at the hosital until January of February. Bere has a lot of faith and is staying so strong through it all. Some day I want to be as strong as here. 

It's really amazing that the people I'm teaching here have become my examples. They all radiate light. I know that's because they truly are allowing the Savior into their lives. I want to invite you all to do the same this week. Find ways to let the Savior become more a part of who you are. In the choices you make and in all you do. I love this gospel!!!!! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier

                                             Us, Bere, Yesenia and Jessica!

                                    Hermana Norton and I with Bere <3

        Hermana Wrubell and I after the halloween party. Note the switch in name tags.

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