Monday, August 18, 2014

Home sweet home <3

MThis week was definitely interesting. I think we have this super power to repress any of the hard times on our missions and only the really good ones really stick out to us. So even though I know that I've obviously had some difficult times, the good times seem to far outweigh those times. I think that happened a little bit with this area, haha I remembered all the miracles and good times we had here but blocked from my memory how difficult of an area it is. Nevertheless, I love it so much and am so excited to be here. It's completely different from the other areas I've been serving in for  the past 11 months so it's quite the change; namely because there's no Hispanics here hah.

But we do have a lot of good things happening right now! Not sure where to start so we'll start with down in North Bend. Firstly, Ronaldo. Still haven't met him, well I guess I have once. So my first day in the field at the beginning of my mission we went to visit him. He was leaving right when we got there and we talked to him for a second before he left. We tried to talk meet with him while we were down there but never saw him again the whole time I served here. But the Hermanas started teaching him again and he's great. Super busy but has desires to come to church and to prepared to be baptized. He came to church this week and we have a lesson set up for tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers so that we can meet with him more often and help him prepare for baptism. 

The other investigator that came to church down in the Mt Si ward was Carlos! He's so cool! Carlos is 15 and is the son of some former investigators. We went to visit the family and Carlos was the only one home so we started talking to him a bit. He has a friend from band who is a member of the ward and we asked him if he's like to go to church with his friend Conner that Sunday. He said yes and so we said that he'd let Conner know and that they'd come and get him on Sunday. After coordinating with the members, Carlos came to church, loved it, is coming back next week, AND is going to high adventure with the scouts this week! SAY WHAT?! We're super excited because he's an amazing kid with tons of potential. He's going to be an amazing example to his family and eventually they're all going to want to come to church.

And then here in the May Valley ward we don't have too much going on. We have the Neri Family who could definitely use prayers. they've been coming to church for over a year now and know it's true. Since meeting the Hermanas they've been married, their son has been baptized, and they even have callings with the cub scouts; only problem, they haven't been baptized themselves. We're not exactly sure what the real reason is that's stopping them but we know that they're SUPER ready for that step. Pray for them <3 Our bishop and Ward Mission Leader are going to meet with them so we are praying that they can help resolve any concerns. Vamos a ver. 

Other than that, things are going great!!!! Marco came out and went tracting with us for a while and it was the best! Haha I can actually really communicate and talk with him unlike a year ago so that's a blessing. His temple prep is coming along and he has such an amazing testimony.

One cool thing I liked about church yesterday was a story we talked about in Relief Society. The lesson was on Eternal Marriage but I think it can be applied to lots of situations. She told the story of a women who took care of a nice set of silverware that she had. She made sure that they were safe and so on and so forth. And something the story said really hit me. "If you want something to last forever, you treat it so." I thought of it in the example of a testimony. If you want to always have a testimony forever, you have to take care of it. You don't just polish the silver once and it's good forever, you don't just go to church on Sunday and you're good for the week. We need so be read, praying, being grateful to God ALWAYS and we can become stronger. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Pier


Hermana Wrubell and me in the basement of a member here. They have a GIANT train thing. It's so cool!!!

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