Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Update <3

This would have to have been one of my favorite weeks of my entire mission! There wasn't any super crazy miracles that completely changed the world, but I did see the Lord's hand in our work so much this week. I really felt his guidance and saw the Lord putting people we needed to meet in our path.

I'm going to be going all out of order here as things pop into my head so bare with me here. Firstly Angeles, she's so great! We had a lesson with her in a members home this week and it was great. She really has desires to know if the church is true. She kept telling us that she really wants her 17 year old daughter to come to church as well, but she always tells her no and won't do anything for God. We told her that we would give her a call and invite her to church. She got so excited because she said she thought she'd listen because she was around our age and kids listen to their peeps and don't like to listen to their parents. Hahaha but it worked because after we called and talked to her she ended up coming to church! She's so great and really enjoyed it, especially the Gospel Principles class.

Also we had 2 exchanges this week which were both GREAT! The first was with the Cecpta's (totally not how you spell it) but the Russian sisters in the mission. It was so weird!!!!!! I'm not used to being the one who has no idea what's going on during an exchange. Hahaha the people would talk and just look at me as I stared back with a blank look. Then they would say to the Sisters, "She doesn't understand anything huh? " Good stuff. The other weird part is that they cover the Seattle, Everett, and Federal Way missions so we were way up in Mount Vernon. Which is like an hour outside our mission. So WEIRD! But I learn a lot from the Sisters, they're great missionaries. Our other exchange I went to Redmond. I loved it! We had a lesson with their investigator Pat and it was so great. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was really strong. It was a really amazing experience for me as a missionary because the three of us planned out our lesson before we went to teach and knew where we wanted to go with the lesson. When we got in there we taught in so much unity and were really guided in our questions and comments. I think what I really learned was that it could have been a disaster. None of us had ever taught together before but God knew that she needed a message and helped us to be guided in what we said. I love Heavenly Father! 

One last thing. Everyday from 5-7 our mission has "Sacred Finding Time". We never set lessons during this time and we use it to knock, contact referrals, and street contact. We had decided on a apartment complex to go to but somehow ended up getting lost getting there. As we were going to turn around to go back we passed a complex and a thought popped into my head, "We need to go knock that complex." We drove a little further and that thought wouldn't go away so I told Hermana Norton that we should go back and knock that complex. While knocking we met a man named Jorge. It turned out that he was a former investigator that had came to church consistently for over 3 months about a year and a half ago. BUT get this, his 16 year old son is a member of the church, is planning on serving a mission, and lives in Utah. AND he went to high school with Hermana Norton! SAY WHAT?! He still has his doubts about the church but agreed for us to come back and he said he's ask his son about his testimony of the gospel. Lesson learned: Always listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. 


Con Amor, 
Hermana Pier

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my beautiful older sister Tay Tay and yesterday to my mission mama, Hermama Phillips!!!!!!!



the elders teaching me who to use hermana norton's epi pen in case she eats peanuts

                                                            and our district :)

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