Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Number 2

Can I just say that being a missionary is honestly the best thing in the entire world. WITHOUT a doubt. I'm loving it here SO much and I already love the people here so much! Since there have only been Spanish speaking missionaries here for about 3 months the work is still slow here but it's DEFINITELY progressing!
Marco is one of our main progressing investigators and he is the best! The missionaries met him back in May and he didn't have time to talk but said that he would call them and come to church sometime. Well about a month and half later, HE DID! He called a couple weeks ago and came to church and has been coming every week! We met with him twice this week and the first time he just kept rubbing his arms from having chills we explained that those feelings were the spirit. He listens and desires to know more but told us that he wanted us to know that he didn't want to be baptized, he just wants to learn more.Well on our next meeting we talked a lot about the Doctrine of Christ (Everyone should go read 2 Nephi 31 cause it's a very powerful part of the Book of Mormon) and about baptism because he was asking a lot about it. We showed him the font and talked and the Spirit was so strong. He told us the he wants to be baptized someday. That's the best thing we could ever hear! He said he wants to meet together as often as possible and wants to learn more so he can be baptized. He is so amazing and has such strong desires to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Other than that this week has consisted of lots of service, meetings and knocking doors. Oh, and I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. The entire meeting was centered around missionary work. It's amazing to see people get more and more excited. Really often we have people going to lessons with us and they help the investigators so much.
And to make this the most exciting week yet in my mission, out of the whole 2 weeks I've been out, I GOT PROPOSED TO! Hahaha no worries people he was 65 years old. And drunk during the proposal. We were at this house teaching a lesson and a bunch of men live there, so we typically end up teaching a few of them depending on who is home when we go over. Well good old Andre was highly intoxicated and would just keep telling us random things and not listen to our message. He just randomly stopped and pointed to me and proceeded to say that he really likes me and that he really wants to take me back to Mexico and get married. Hahaha we had to tell him I couldn't date on a mission. Oh boy! His handshake at the end of the lesson was a bit WAY too long for comfort and I was slightly concerned. My companions thought it was the funniest thing ever. For any of you interested in seeing my future hubby, he's the one right next to me in this picture.

My Fiance!!

I'm so grateful that I can be here. I've never been this happy in my life and even though we get doors slammed in our face and a lot of people have no desire to talk to us, it's definitely worth it. Loving and serving people 24/7 is the life! Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Pier


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