Monday, August 5, 2013

Field Week 1!

Well of course I had to start this new experience off with an adventure. The morning I left the MTC we had to leave our building my 4:20AM to be on time. Well apparently none of us Hermanas set our alarms. Whoops. So I woke up at 4:05 feeling a little to rested for it to be 3:30. I look at my watch and just jumped out of bed and I was so worried about being late. Luckily we all made it to our buses on time and got to the airport safe. At the airport I got to talk to my family which was amazing! And saw my district and got to say my last goodbyes. Que triste! I love them so much!!!!! The actual flight was the longest 2 hours of my life because of the nerves, but I was actually able to talk to someone about the church and place a Book of Mormon so that was cool!
After we got interviewed by President Choi. It took FOREVER cause there were 37 missionaries that came in that day. It was the biggest group the Seattle mission has ever received. Cool huh? And then we got assigned our companions. I'm actually in a trio, so I have two other companions! My trainer is Hermana Phillips and Hermana Enos is our other companion, she's been here for a few months waiting for her visa to Argentina. They're both so sweet and great. I've been able to learn so much from them this last week and they're just the greatest! We live with some members here, The Marrs and they are the most amazing people. They help us missionaries out so much and we really couldn't be luckier. Plus they have a cute doggy!
My area covers North Bend and Snoqualmie and Issoquah. This area opened 2 transfers ago and it's such a great place to be. Us Hermanas cover the whole Valley and there is a set of English Speaking Elders in each of the towns as well. We cover a larger area because there are not very many Spanish Speakers here, but there are definitely plenty to keep us busy.
This week consisted of lots of lessons, knocking doors (FOR HOURS!), singing, and doing service for others. It's the best!
On miracle that happened this week was that we had 3 Spanish speaking investigators attend church. (This basically never happens.) And on top of that around 6 or 7 people in the ward bore there testimonies in Spanish because they knew there were non-members there. The spirit was really powerful and it was amazing to see the support of the ward members. We have chances for members to come to lessons a lot with us and they are so helpful!
One other really cool experience happened this week. We are teaching a family and they are the most amazing people EVER! A couple weeks before I got here their family went through a really hard time and they really have bonded with the missionaries through it. Well, the father is very religious in the Pentecostal (No idea if that is how you spell it) church and for a long time had no interest in listening to anything about the LDS church. Lately though, instead of going into his room or something when the Hermanas came over, he has been coming and talking with us. He said that one night he had a dream and that the sister missionaries were in it. The dream was that the missionaries came over and were helping him to wash all of his clothes white. He said that he knew it was them helping him come closer to Christ. He still isn't wanting to attend our church or anything, but he really is just an amazing person. And I hope we can do exactly that and help him grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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