Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Dandy Week

This week was just fantastic. We started it off with a awesome sports day as a zone where we played soccer and ultimate frisbee. So fun! Also on Tuesday we had interviews with President Choi and a Zone Meeting. We talked a lot about the Lord's high expectations and about our goal to baptize 100 people in this month of June. If we meet the goal President Choi is going to make a big Korean BBQ for all of us. It's a big goal that's more than triple the baptisms that we normally have in a month but we KNOW that we can reach it if we work hard and love those we serve. If every companionship can help someone prepare to enter the waters of baptism this month. Already in this  first week we have seen many great miracles and know that we will continue to see them. 

Speaking of baptisms, sadly we have to move back the date for Berenice's baptism. Her best friend/ fellowship had to leave to Florida after an unexpected death. She won't be back for about a week and a half. We are currently thinking that it will be on the 24th but we're not positive. We are trying to figure out the details right now. But she's doing so great and is excited to be baptized.  We taught her about some of the commandments this week and asked her if she would commit to living them and her answer was, "Of course! I mean, that's a small sacrifice to pay in order to be able to live with God again." She really is so prepared and great and is going to be an amazing member of the church.
This week we also got to help one of our members, Jessica, move to a new apartment. To take us she took us out to eat with another friend who has actually met with missionaries before. His name is Eduardo and he seems like he has a lot of interest in learning more so that is great.

Things are going great over all. Please pray for Cesar who is going to be be getting baptized on the 26th. He is having some doubts come up and is questioning his decision to be baptized a little. But he is reading, praying, and coming to church to we have faith that he can do it :) 

Oh one fun experience for the week- The other night i wake up to Hermana Norton at the side of my bed saying, "Hermana, did you hear the alarm going off?" And I was just thinking "Dang it, it's already 6:15?" But really it was 1 o'clock in the morning. So this random clock in the other room just started going off at 12:57 in the morning. And being girls and all, of course we thought of the worst situations ever and were sure that someone was in our apartment. We decided to go check the entire apartment but not without grabbing weapons in case we found someone. (AKA bottles of shampoo and hairspray that were sitting on my desk.) Luckily no one was there :) But we're still not sure how the alarm went off when it wasn't set. Needless to say we completely unplug the clock every night before we go to bed hahaha. 

I love you all SO much. 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Pier

                                                  zone sports day 

us with some pupusas from a member. Haha we couldn't open them up. struggles.

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