Monday, July 15, 2013

MTC week 4

This week was definitely one of ups and downs. Let's just say that our district is basically dropping like flies. To start the week off Hermana Broberg got super sick and had an awful sinus infection so for three days she was stuck in bed. So sad! We took turns spending time with her in the room and mission class. Because of that I taught with Herman Cole a few times and we even taught in a few tripanionships. I'm really grateful things are back to normal! We missed having Hermana Broberg in class and I missed teaching with Hermana Lone.
Speaking of Hermana Lone, she got some weird warts on her feet from not wearing her shower shoes so we got to spend a few hours in the doctors office while she got that dealt with. And in a week or so we have to take a van to a podiatrists office to get her all better. Funny story though, so that day her foot was completely numb and she was struggling with the whole walking thing. We were in the hallway saying a prayer together before we went into one of our appointments and halfway through the prayer she lost her footing in the foot she can't feel and she just fell to the ground. It's a good thing God has a sense of humor cause we have never laughed so hard in our lives.
Next, Hermana Cole got sick and lost her voice. And then Elder Wayman messed up his foot playing volleyball. That means Elder Woodfield, Elder Davison, or I is next. Scary!!!!
But to counteract all the rough times this week, Hermana Lone and I have been called to be the Sister Training Leaders. Basically what we do is interview all the Sisters in the zone and check up on them. And then give tours and help the new sisters get used to the MTC. Until the Sister Training Leaders right now leave in a few days, we are technically the Sister Training Leaders in Training. Has a nice ring to it huh??
One thing that I've gained a ton this week is a huge testimony of the Book of Mormon. I mean, Ive always had one but as I've continued to read and learn more, I've realized it truly is the most powerful book in the world. In two weeks and one day from today I will be in the field teaching real people the gospel. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Write me!
-Hermana Pier

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