Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 2

Week number 2 in the MTC was GREAT! To be honest it was kind of all a blur. 12 hours a day every day are spend in class so every day is basically the same. That~~s why we love the weekends! Saturdays you get to do service, and Sundays are just by far the best day in the MTC and then Monday is P-day.
So, basically my companion and I are lost twins from birth. No we do not look anything a like but we agree on EVERYTHING. We both hate seafood and eggs, dance, took naps every day, lived in Provo, and just every time that anyone has opinions on anything we agree. Also, we found out we get 2 new sisters in our room on Wednesday!!!! So exciting!!! Sister missionaries are just great.
Probably the most exciting thing this week was commiting our investigator to baptism!!!!!! Athough it isn~~t real, the Spirit as you talk about and testify of the gospel is incredibly strong. So the funny thing is, in the MTC a lot of the time your first investigator becomes your second teacher. Well he comes into class this week to become our teacherand we get to know him and GUESS WHAT!! He just returned from serving in the Malaga Spain mission where my cute brother Shaney is serving!!! I had a cute little proud sister moment as he told our district about how Elder Webb is one of the strongest missionaries in their mission and how he became a trainer after just 6 weeks. So Shane, Elder Peterson said to tell you hi.
One really disappointing thing about these next few weeks is that the Provo temple is closed for this whole month. That means no going to the temple on P-days. So depressing. Esta bien though! Ps sorry there~~s random punctuation, this keyboard is set on a different language and I have no idea how to fix it. Whoops.
For our devotional on Tuesday is was all about music and Janice Kapp Perry and her husband spoke. It was amazing. My district all joined the choir so we got to sing during it. It~~s amazing how much singing brings the spirit. And then yesterday for relief society Sheri Dew was the speaker and can I just say she was phenomenal. We~~re so blessed as missionaries to have such amazing people to come teach us how to become stronger missionaries.
Sorry not much happened this week, I~~ll try to make this week super exciting to entertain you all! Write me por favor!
-Hermana Pier
(Note: I would add captions to these pictures but McKay forgot to explain them. Bob)


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